ShelterBox Global Gift- Complete ShelterBox


When disaster strikes, families lose their homes, possessions and livelihoods. Every day they are faced with a battle for survival. Each ShelterBox provides a family with emergency shelter and other vital equipment, such as blankets, water filtration, cooking utensils and mosquito nets; to use while they are displaced or homeless.
Flooding in northeast Brazil left 100,000 people homeless. Mrs. Alves, her two-month-old daughter, Emily Maria and five-year-old son, Isaias, were living in an overcrowded school. When Mrs. Alves received her ShelterBox, she wept with tears of joy: “I’m so happy that my family will be safe.” 

Options of Card Delivery 

Greeting Card
We send you a card to give or mail to your gift recipient. (Please note: Cards are sent first class mail. If placing your order after December 17 in hopes of arrival by Christmas, you are encouraged to consider the electronic card options.)  
Printable Card
Download your card in PDF format, which you can print, add your own message, and give or mail to your gift recipient. (Ideal after Dec. 17) 
Download your card as a Word document. Add your own message, save the document, and email it to your gift recipient(s). 

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